Are you new at Vida? A huge welcome to you! 🌈

Here is a list of benefits, bonuses and practical info to help you get the most out of your training!

Our courses

Our courses consist of 8 classes where you train once a week. In our usual level classes, we work with warm up, strength, strech and different tricks and combinations. We also work on choreography 10 minutes per class where we practice putting together what we have learnt! In our concept classes we dive deeper into different techniques, styles and choreography! 💃

Sister studio

Vida Pole has a sister studio in Åkersberga north of Stockholm that's called Nova Pole! You can also find courses in aerial hoop there. All our benefits and bonuses apply to both studios, regardless of where you book! 💞


In addition to your classes, you have free play sessions at Vida and Nova where you can train in the studio together with other students! You can find the play sessions on the schedule and everything else you need to know about play can be found here! 🐬

Missed classes

You always have a reserved spot in the class you're booked at, but you can also make up for missed classes on other courses with available spots. You can make up the classes whenever you want during the entire course at both Vida and Nova, so you can easily pick which classes you want and fit them into your schedule. We are so proud to offer you this benefit, and you can read more about how it works here! 💎

Tips for your first class

You can come dressed in whatever attire you feel comfortable in! Shorts and a sleeveless top will give you a better grip on the pole later on in the course, but you can come just the way you are in the beginning. A lot of students prefer to avoid using hand cream or body lotion to get the best grip on the pole. In the first week of the course, we always have an extra meet 'n greet session for all newcomers! You're welcome to stay for a short moment after your first class, and one of our crew members will be in the studio to tell you more about how everything works! 🤸🏼‍♀️

Packing list before class

Water bottle, shorts, long pants, socks + leg warmers or knee pads! We work with different elements in our classes, and we want to be able to transition from needing grip on the pole, to gliding around seamlessly on the floor. 🧦 Pullover sweaters or hoodies are also perfect for the warm up and to keep yourself warm during class when you need to! Therefore we suggest you pack a mixed outfit for your training so you can get the maximized experience in all moments of the class, and to be able to adjust your temperature! 🧘‍♀️

Digital key

We use the digital key app Parakey to come into the studio! The key is automatically created and sent to the email address that you registered your booking with. The first time you book a course, you will receive an email invite from Parakey. Did you not receive the email? Download the app Parakey, fill in the email address you used for registration to a course, and then click on "Forgot password"! 🗝📱

Facebook group for students

We have a facebook group called "Supernovas & Vidastars 💙" where we can easily communicate with each other and share fun news and inspiration! (If you have questions about missed classes, invoices or schedule, email us at info@vidapole.se).

See you on instagram!

To get the latest information, news and inspiration, look for us on Instagram! Find us at @vidapolestudio! 🐬 Tag us in your posts and stories, we love to follow your pole journey!

A very warm welcome to Vida, we hope you will thrive here with us! 💞