Updated 2020-10-29

Health and hygiene are our utmost priorities and we make sure to take care of ourselves and each other! 💞 It is crucial that the studio remains a safe and secure place for both the students and staff, and we will continue to follow the authorities' recommendations for companies.

If we have to cancel a class due to many instructors being sick at the same time, or updates to the authorities' guidelines for us as a studion, we will send out an email to the students who are affected. We keep our calendar updated, so make sure to check the schedule before you go to the studio so you can be sure that you have the latest information! 🐬💎💙

Unlike many gyms everybody always has their own chair/pole in class and we have a limited amount of students in the studio at the same time, but we kindly remind everyone to continue to:

  • Wash your hands often and carefully (especially when you first arrive at the studio).
  • Disinfect your pole carefully before and after your training.
  • Bring your own cloth to help the us have enough fresh cloths in the studion since we wash all our cloths after every use.
  • Try to come in dressed in your training clothes and as close to your class time as possible, so we can keep the number of people in the changing room and lounge low.
  • Greet each other at a distance instead of hugs.
  • As always, it's important to stay at home if you feel unwell, so you get the rest you need and don't infect others!

     You can be sure that we will:

  • Have fresh clean cloths before every class
  • Disinfect door handles, sink taps, etc multiple times per day
  • Avoid tricks that require spotting / or close contact during classes
  • Pause high-fives at the end of the class