Are you interested in dropping in to our classes? You're are more than welcome! 💙

All our classes that have a dolphin emoji in the class name are available for drop in! 🐬 Check out our schedule to see all the classes in the weekly calendar.

The price for drop in is 250 SEK and you pay for the class on the blue booking button! Scroll down to the option Dropin and enter your details. No prior sign up is necessary! Just show your receipt to the instructor before your class so that instructor can give you a warm welcome and make sure you get your spot! 💎

Are you new at Vida? Our reception is often unmanned when our instructor is holding a class, but we hope that you'll feel right at home here! You get a digital key from our system Parakey to the same email you used during the booking registration, and you use this key to enter the studio. Once you're in the studio and coming down the steps from the entrance, you can find the changing room directly on your right, and can relax on the sofas in the lounge while you wait for your class to start. 💞

Want to read more about our classes to see which one will suit you? Read more about our concept and levels on this page!