At Vida and Nova we have a huge and important goal to make a difference in the relationships we have with our bodies. In this world where we are constantly fed with the message that we're not enough, many people go through life with a negative self-image. We want to do our utmost to change that! Pole can do wonders when it comes to becoming comfortable with oneself but together we can do even more! 💙

We call this initiative #everysinglebody and it's resonated in everything that we do. Amongst other things, we regularly arrange photoshoots with the goal of creating images where all women can feel included and represented. We want to show that healthy, happy, beautiful bodies appear in so many different ways, with or without cellulite, wrinkles, stretch marks, hair growth, scars and blemishes. Because we are absolutely incredible - in all sizes, looks, ages and body shapes! 🌟

Our class syllabus is designed to suit everyone, regardless of prior training experience or physicality. We also focus a lot on the mental part in class, since it plays an important role in our pole journey. We work toward being kind to ourselves, to boost ourselves and others, and also to respect our similarities and differences. Our goal is that everyone can leave prejudices, selfpressure and negative voices in our heads behind every time we come to the studio!

Do you want to be part of this initiative and make a difference? We are regularly on the lookout for people who want to be part of the photoshoots and to be fully yourself - without compromises. Keep updated on our Instagram (@vidapolestudio), where you can be sure to find the latest news so you don't miss the next update! Let’s shine bright together! ❤️✊