Welcome to a free intro class!

Here you'll get a 30 minute introduction to our studio, classes, and fantastic instructors! Come just the way you are, you don't need any prior experience or special knowledge! We will make sure that you're well taken care of and to answer all the potential questions you might have. 💙

Pole and so much more!

We have our popular intro classes in pole, but also regular intro classes for our variety of concept classes, for example Chairdance and Dance Mix! You don't need any prior knowledge or dance experience for any of them! 💙 Are you interested in testing out an intro class for a particular concept class but cannot find it on the sign up page? Email us at info@vidapole.se and we'll do our best to plan one! 🐬

Intro for higher levels

Do you already have a passion for pole and want to see which level is suitable for you? We will gladly help you out! Our intro classes are targeted towards newcomers to pole so you can email us at info@vidapole.se and you can come and try out one of our regular classes for free! 💎

Good to know

It can feel a little new training in shorts, even though shorts give the best grip on the pole. Therefore we have adapted our intro classes and the first classes of Pole 1 so that you can train in whatever attire you want! Do you want to train in trousers or long skirts? No problem! We will work together to get comfortable in the studio and eventually switch into shorts to start training on tricks where we use our skin as a contact point.

Last but not least, it's important for us that you always feel welcome and included – regardless of who you are! We believe that pole should be for EVERYBODY. Movement, training and dance knows no age limit either, so it absolutely doesn't matter if you're 13 or 74, you are always welcome! 💙