Have you been sick, away for travel, or have an irregular schedule? Don't worry! You always have a reserved spot at the class you're registered to, but you can make up for missed classes on another day as long as there are open spots! 🐬 

Same week = same class curriculum

If you take a class from the same level during the same week you can be sure that you're not missing anything since our classes follow the same course plan.

See which classes have available spots

You can see if a class is fully booked or only have a few spots on the booking-button on the schedule page. You usually can get a spot if you choose to make up on those classes as well, but if you want to be sure to get a spot then it's best to make up on a class that's not fully booked.

Write your name on ta igen-listan

You register yourself on ta igen-listan in the studio lounge, on the same day you want to make up a class. At the start of the class the instructor will know how many spots are available and will make sure to hand out the available spots according to the list!

Make up for missed classed both in advance and afterwards

If you know that you're going to miss a class later on in the course, then you can make up for it in advance. The most popular weeks to make up for classes are when the term is drawing to a close, so we suggest you make up for your classes as soon as possible. When you are book on a ner course you can make up for missed classes from prevoius courses as well!

Make up on a previous level!

If you missed classes it's a perfect opportunity to revisit earlier levels, a perfect opportunity to go back and repeat some foundation techniques and polish up the details! Or why not try out some of our concept classes!

Psst! Many of us travel far to get to the studio and we really wish we had a system where it was possible to book yourself a spot in advance whenever you need to make up classes. However, that would require alot both from the system and us as users and since we are over 400 students that have reserved spots on classes every week, but we always look out for better solutions! 💙