Vida is a studio for women, non-binary and lgbtq+ people only! Ever since we opened our sister studio Nova Pole, which is for women, non-binary and lgbtq+, we have had a great response and many requests that Vida should be the same. We know how powerful and in demand such a safe space is to many people!

However we do not, in any way, think pole is for a certain gender but very much for everyone! Stockholm offers a great deal of amazing pole studios who do a great job welcoming all people and therefore we see enough room for two of those studios to be specifically open to women, non-binary and lgbtq+ only. 💙 

If you identify yourself in some way within the lgbtq+ community you can find your place at Vida and Nova. If you don’t find your place with us we encourage you to check out one of the many amazing studios Stockholm! We look forward to getting to know you all in the amazing online community that the pole world has to offer instead. ❤️ The long-term goal is that this kind of separation will not be needed but until then we hope that everyone understands and supports our decision! ⭐️